10 Ways to Improve and Recover From Hip Mobility Issues

Physical Therapy Tips

Your hips are the foundation of your movement. When you don’t have enough mobility in them, it can affect everything from your posture to how much exercise you can do. That is why hip mobility issues are so frustrating and difficult to recover from. There are many different causes that can lead to this problem, but fortunately there are ways to improve and recover! Greenville SC Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy experts will explore 10 tips for recovering from hip mobility issues–so read on!

Greenville SC Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

The first thing to do is to strengthen your hip muscles so they are able to support you better. A simple exercise that can help with this is called ‘bridges’ where you lay on the floor and slowly lift your back, then pelvis off of the ground until only your heels are touching it. Hold for three seconds then release down again slowly. Repeat these 20 times every day!

Another thing that may not be surprising but still requires mentioning here is to stretch out those hips each day! One example of a good stretch would be lying flat on your back while bending one leg up towards the ceiling–then reach over and grab onto both sides of their ankle (the side facing away from you) in order to pull them closer across the body; hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this on the other leg as well!

Another way to improve hip mobility is by performing self-massage with a tennis ball or foam roller. This helps release tension in your muscles so you can move more freely again, plus it feels great too! Try these moves: first place the ball under one side of your lower back and slowly roll around on top of it for about 30 seconds; then cross that same leg over onto its opposite knee (so now both legs are bent) before rolling up and down along either side of that thigh for another minute; finally lean forward into a bridge pose while placing the ball underneath your feet–then slowly roll from front to back along those arches until all tightness has been released.