What is “Conveyancing” and What does it mean?

The ABCs of Conveyancing

The word conveyancing commonly refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of property from one entity to another. For example, if you are purchasing a home it will be necessary for your lawyer to complete all the conveyancing paperwork. You are probably wondering “why do I need my conveyancing solicitor“.

Conveyancing has been around for centuries and involves multiple documents that need to be signed by both parties involved in the transaction. These documents relate information about who owns which property at any given time along with details regarding mortgages, leases etc., if applicable. Conveyancing is required both selling and purchasing properties because it’s the only way to legally transfer ownership of a property.

My Conveyancing Solicitor

When it comes time to complete conveyancing, you’ll need your lawyer’s help! Your lawyer will be able to guide you through all these documents and answer any questions that arise along the way including how much everything is going cost. If anything looks suspicious or unclear, don’t hesitate to speak up because this process should always feel comfortable for their clients. You can find out more about what happens during each step in our other blog post here .

Although there are some differences between states regarding conveyancing , most follow similar procedures when completing transactions involving properties—so no matter where you live throughout USA, talk with your real estate agent before making offer on a home so they can direct you towards the best lawyer.

Finally, make sure to double check everything before you sign a contract! We know that it’s very easy for things to get lost in the shuffle, so ask your lawyer or real estate agent if they can walk through each of these steps with you one by one. This way there will be no discrepancies once the transaction is complete and ownership has been transferred.