How to Fix Plumbing on Your Own

The Home Plumbing Emergency Kit

When you live in a home, it is inevitable that your plumbing will eventually need attention. Whether you have a broken pipe under the sink or a clog in your toilet, these issues can be fixed with some simple tools and know-how. Read on for our guide from plumber somerset west to not only how to fix pluming at home, but also what steps to take when they break so that you are never left without water again!

The first thing you will need is a pluming emergency kit. Most of the items you will want to have are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at your local hardware store or online on Amazon for cheap!

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Here is what you’ll want in your home pluming emergency kit:

– Plunger – A plunger with an extra strong cup for plunging toilets works best, but any kind should do the trick. You may also consider using a sink plunger if there’s no toilet around! These cost about $12 for one that comes with its own bucket . If it doesn’t come with its own bucket, just use something else like a big pot or laundry basket.

– Snake – This tool helps clear clogs from pipes by feeding the snake down into your drain. It also costs about $20 for a six footer .

– Plumbing Wrench – This tool is used to turn off your water at the main shutoff valve that controls all of your plumbing in one go. It’s not necessary, but it can make things easier if you have two people trying to fix pluming issues. If there are no other adults around and only kids or teenagers, use this wrench on first try since they often need less force than an adult does! You may want to consider buying a pipe cutter as well which cuts through PVC pipes easily without causing any damage. They cost around $15 each .

– Teflon Tape – Regular tape will work just fine, but Teflon tape is used to create a watertight seal on joints of pipes. Teflon tape costs less than $20 for 50 yards , which should last you through many plumbing emergencies!

– Drain Rod – A drain rod can clear out clogs in your sink or bathtub like the snake did for your toilets. They cost around $30 .

– Wire Coat Hanger – This tool will help you get rid of any debris left behind by your drains/pluming issues including hair that may be causing problems with draining. All you need to do is bend it into an L shape and feed it down slowly until there’s no more resistance from obstructions.