Efficient Teaching Strategies

Improving the Way You Teach Your Students

It’s no secret that the way we teach has changed a lot over the years. With all of our new technology, research-proven teaching strategies, and innovative classrooms, it’s hard to believe that there are still some teachers out there who haven’t caught on yet. The portable classrooms experts will discuss how you can improve your teaching skills in order to be more efficient with your students’ learning process!

The first thing that we must consider is the fact that students learn in different ways. Some people think that if a child can read, they’re good to go! This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are three main learning styles: visual learners, auditory learners, and tactile/kinesthetic (tactile) learners. Each of these groups learns best by one or more types of senses; for example, tactual/kinesthetic learn best by using their hands to build things or “get dirty”. So how do you teach your class which type(s) of learner(s) they are? A great way to start would be with this very quiz!! It’s short but it gets right down to business! You’ll know exactly what type(s) of learner your class is within minutes!\Portable Classrooms

After you know what type(s) of learners they are, it’s time to adapt the way we teach them. Let’s say that a student has come to us and told us that he/she learns best when lectured at as opposed to doing any sort of hands-on activity. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary; students learn in all different ways so don’t let this discourage you from making amazing lessons!! You can still have an innovative lesson without being interactive! How? There are plenty of resources online with lectures on just about everything under the sun…and then some. If there aren’t enough resources available for whatever topic you’re teaching, try recording yourself giving a lecture. This is arguably the most effective way to teach lectures because you’re essentially giving your students “homework” that they can use to study with; bonus points for making it fun through imagery or including some type of music!!

There are also certain websites, like Prezi and Explain Everything , which allow teachers (and students) to make presentations on almost anything! These resources give each student an opportunity to learn in their preferred learning style while still allowing them opportunities for critical thinking skills. The best part about these presentation makers? They’re all free!! You don’t have to spend any sort of money when creating interactive lessons when there are so many cool things out there just waiting for you take advantage of them!