Benefits of Post-op Massage

How Your Body Reacts

Post op massage is an important step in the recovery process for many people. The human body does not react well to surgery and it often needs a lot of help recovering from the trauma that has been inflicted upon it. This article provides information on how post-op massage can be helpful and what you need to know about this procedure before you go through with it.

The first thing that you need to know about post-op massage is that it can be performed in many different ways. Post-operative massages are available immediately after the surgery, or they can also be done at home by yourself with some practice and guidance.

Post Op Massage

There are three methods for providing a post op massage: using manual touch, using an electrical muscle stimulation device (EMS), or acupuncture. Massage therapists typically use their hands for this procedure but other instruments may also be effective depending on what your therapist prefers. Manual touch is usually used during the early stages of recovery while EMS might provide more benefits later on once your body has healed further. Acupuncture will not directly help heal any surgical wounds but rather stimulate blood flow which speeds up healing time naturally over time.

Many people are wary about receiving a post-op massage because they fear that it will hurt or cause more pain. This is not the case! The massages should be very gentle and mild to start with, especially if you have had an invasive procedure done on your body like surgery. Although there might still be some soreness present after recovering from anesthesia, this should subside quickly as long as you continue to receive regular treatment sessions at least once per week. It can take anywhere between three weeks for up to four months before all of the pain subsides entirely so do not worry if this takes longer than expected – just stick with it through thick and thin until then!

It is essential that during recovery you drink lots of fluids in order to combat any pain and inflammation in your body. This is why it is recommended that you drink at least two liters of water every single day when recovering from surgery, or when taking part in post-op massage therapy sessions. You should also avoid smoking cigarettes because this only slows down the healing process which could cause issues for you in the long run.