5 Smart Storage Solutions

Organization is key to living a more efficient lifestyle. Having things neatly stored away instead of sitting in piles on the floor saves time and sanity. But, there are so many organization products out there, it can be hard to decide which one will work best for you! We’ve compiled five smart storage solutions such as truckee storage that will help you get your junk drawer under control.

The first tip is to use a cereal container. This simple project will take less than five minutes and you can add or remove rice, depending on how much space you need for your small items.

Truckee Storage

The second tip involves getting rid of the junk drawer completely! These hanging shoe storage bags are perfect for holding tools, pens, loose change, jewelry and other odds ‘n ends that would otherwise be taking up valuable real estate in a drawers If this sounds like too much work to set up multiple units throughout your home then enter into an agreement with yourself; promise not to buy anything else until everything currently inside has been organized! That’s right: no more purchases until all current clutter is sorted through and put away properly (and we mean it!). Once everything is in its place, it’s time to set up your new storage system.

The third tip is for all our friends with tiny bathrooms! The easiest way to make the most of a small space is with over-the-door hangers . You can hang multiple pairs at once and you’ll have easy access to even more room in that teeny bathroom of yours. Do something about those loose cords hanging around on top of your desk by wrapping them neatly into one central cord box and tucking away any excess length underneath so they’re not cluttering everything else on your desks. If you don’t want an extra bulky box taking up too much space then simply use some simple binder clips to hold each coil together instead (this will also allow you to easily unplug your cords when necessary).

The fifth and final tip is for all our friends with kids! If there’s one thing we can tell you after raising three, it’s that toys are the bane of every parent’s existence. Whether they’re stuffed animals or LEGO bricks, keeping them in one place so no precious items get lost will save everyone a headache (not to mention prevent future fights over whose turn it is on the play-do dragon!) Since most children tend to gravitate towards low storage options like baskets then why not make these adorable felt basket liners and add some style while helping keep their rooms tidy?