Trends That are Going to Change Entrepreneurship

Startups are the new rock stars. Entrepreneurship is more popular than ever before, and it’s not hard to see why. In a world where most people work from 9-5 jobs, entrepreneurship offers a chance for freedom and independence that many find appealing. The question is: what does the future of entrepreneurship look like? Chris M. Walker has some answers!

First up is a major shift away from startups as we know them. For example, we’re likely to see less of the classic startup model where a group of people come up with an idea and then they build it. Instead, we’ll see more crowd-sourced entrepreneurship: in other words, startups that are built by large groups of people rather than just one or two entrepreneurs.

Chris M. Walker

Another trend is growth hacking. Growth hackers focus on increasing growth for another business through various means such as social media marketing and email list building. The future will also bring us co-working spaces that allow multiple entrepreneurs to work together under one roof while sharing resources like meeting rooms and printers. Finally, there will be new types of crowdfunding, including equity funding instead of reward-based models (e.g., Kickstarter). Companies will raise money from investors who get equity instead of pre-purchasing products or other perks.

Not to forget, there is one more thing that is going to change entrepreneurship in the future. It’s artificial intelligence. In the future, entrepreneurs will have to compete with robot startups that may steal their market share and reduce consumer demand for human-led ventures.

Finally, there is one more big change in the future of entrepreneurship. That is that there will be a new generation of entrepreneurs. These people are the kids who grew up with technology and social media, so they don’t think about it as an addiction but rather as part of their everyday lives. This means we’ll see more digital natives starting companies in areas like mobile apps or e-commerce instead of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

All of these trends are likely to play a role in the future of entrepreneurship, so get out there and start thinking about how you can take advantage of them!